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    Vendor program information

    Kibris Order Vendor Program

    The kibris order vendor program provides an avenue for small, domestic suppliers to sell their locally made, shelf-ready products at Kibris Order online store within their local area. Our vendor application process is a little different from other e-commerce sites. Here’s how to get started as a vendor.

    Consider your product category

    Due to product compliance regulations and other factors, products in the categories below are not included in the Kibris Order Vendor Program.

    •          Adult merchandise
    •          Pesticides (any and all products claiming to kill, mitigate or repel a living organism)
    •          Chemicals
    •          Flammable material
    •          Audio, Video & Publications (books)
    •          Newspapers
    •          Alcoholic Beverages


    Contact your Kibris Order Vendor Support
    Email: vendor-Support@kibrisorder.com to discuss your product. Our Vendor manager will take a look at what you're offering and decide if it might be a good fit for our online store. If vendor manager likes your product, the manager will submit information about your item to their supervisors.

    Our vendor Qualification process can be completed in three easy steps: 
    1. Registration – Register as a customer.

    2. Apply for Vendor – In the bottom part of the any page in the website, when logged in, there’s a Apply for vendor link under My account.

    3.Fill all necessary Information – Fil all the required information, submit sample photos of your products and submit the application. Our vendor manager will contact you within 5 working days and you’ll be informed of the next steps to take.

    Wait for Kibris Order's final decision

    Wait for Kibris Order's final decision - Vendors are chosen based on experience, scale and reputation related to quality of assortment, strength of pricing, and customer service track record. Once accepted you’ll receive a notice to complete and accept kibris order’s vendor Agreement.

    *Please note that the process to apply for consideration to become a vendor may require you to expend a significant amount of effort and resources. Completing the application process does not guarantee that you will be approved to be a vendor. Further, if you are approved, Kibris Order don't guarantee the level of success or business that you may or may not receive. Becoming an approved vendor simply means that you are eligible to receive orders or business from kibrisorder’s website. Any efforts or expenditures you make to become or remain an approved vendor are entirely at your own risk and will not be reimbursed.

    For more information about becoming Kibris Order Vendor, contact the kibris order vendor manager email:vendor@kibrisorder.com